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Arsonal Da Rebel
"I can hear his heart beating. Nigga that's what the fuck its supposed to do!!"
Real Name Darrell Jones Jr.
Origin Newark, NJ
Rap Group
Leagues URL, Grind Time, KOTD, Don't Flop, UW, Lionz Den, O-Zone Battles, Fight Klub
Motto My shit is real,

My shit is raw, My shit is authentic, And you can't spell BARS without puttin that ARS in it

Real Job Real Nigga/Father/Part Time school bus driver

One of the best battle rappers ever

Opponent Date League
Shotty Horroh (Rematch) August 22, 2015 KOTD
Caustic July 7, 2015 won 2-1 KOTD
The Saurus 2014 Ether
Mistah Fab 2015 KOTD
Bishop Brigante 2015 KOTD


2014-2015 Gladiator


K-Shine Sep 8,2013 SM3SM3
Goodz 2013 MC War
Aye Verb 2013 URL/Word War
Charlie Clips Feb 17, 2013 UW
Crome 2012 O-Zone
Shotty Horroh 2010 Don't Flop

Hollow Da Don 


Fight Klub

DNA 2013 Don't Flop
Dizaster   2013 KOTD
Illmaculate 2012 KOTD
Conceited     2009 Grind Time Now
Calicoe 2011 (Trick-Trick Punk'd eem!) Smack/URL
Pat Stay     2011 KOTD
Hitman Holla     December 10, 2010 Smack/URL
Math Hoffa September 2012 UW
T-Rex 2012 UW
Okwerdz 2009 Grind Time
Dizaster 2010 Grind Time
E Ness 2011 Gunline Battles
Remy D 2009 Fight Klub
Hollow Da Don 2009 Fight Klub
Rich Dollarz 2009 Lionz Den
Tech-9 2009 LionzDen
HollyHood   2008 LionzDen

                                          To Fans of Arsonal: The most discussed battle of 2015 is Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh at WD5, which both Arsonal and Shotty both said they won. Due to fan's decisions, Arsonal has lost that battle (2-1), and as stated in Don't Flop polls from the first battle at DF's 5th Birthday, Arsonal lost that battle by 3% of the votes (2-1).


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