Axe God
Axe battle rapper 2003
Real Name Samuel Young
Origin Jacksonville, FL (born Jasper, AL)
Rap Group Axe Music
Leagues Sacred Society, The Chamber, New Jerusalem, Ell Oh Crew
Motto Welcome To The Choppin Block!!

Axe (born Samuel Scott Young, Sept 16, 1975) co-founded the first battle rap leagues in the 1990s with Philidelphia, PA rapper Lord Supreme. Since 2013, Young, who is also a Navy veteran and Harvard alumni, has been the Commander of U.S. Veterans Lighthouse and president of a paving company in Jacksonville, FL.


Axe God (see also: Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu, the 2nd god in Hinduism. Rama meaning God, Parasu meaning Axe) is the co-founder of Sacred Society Battle League, which includes popular Jive Records artist Mickey Factz and Rawkus Records artist Novel Stevenson. Between 1998 and 2002 Axe also created several of the internets first battle rap news sites which greatly increased the popularity of the rap battle scene. Battle leagues such as Ell Oh Crew, New Jerusalem, Sacred Society, Ground Zero, and The Chamber were extremely popular among rookie and veteran battlers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The former #1 ranked champion Axe (Supreme Lyricist, March 2003) is listed on VerseTracker as #69 in the Top 100 Battle Rappers of All Time and 6th the Sacred Wall of Battle Rap Legends. Axe also manages the production of Sacred Society albums and videos. Many Sacred artists also feature his artwork on their covers including 13adluck's "Snortfolio Volume 2 and Mickey Factz "The Road to the Achievement".

Sacred Society Battle League
Sacred Society WALL OF LEGENDS

In 1999, battlers Lord Supreme and Axe who were members of Ell Oh Crew, branched out to create the forum style version of battle rap that is currently used today with their battle league Sacred Society (formerly known as New Jerusalem), which had interviews, hip hop news, bracket style tournaments with rookie and pro levels known as the Boot Camp and the Gravel Pit and big yearly tournaments were known as Pay-Per-View. There was a cash pot and the winner took all. PPV 8 was the last of these tournaments. Battlers were also ranked and competed for the top position known as the "Supreme Lyricist" on a monthly basis. The "Esco Award" was voted on monthly for the emcee with the darkest content and style. Axe won Supreme Lyricist in 2003 and the Esco Award a record seven times from 2001-2008 before retiring. No other emcee has won the award more than twice. While other emcees chose a more comedic approach to battle rap, Axe ushered in a new era of dark content and grittier lyrics making battle rap more than just a couple of guys poking fun at each other's clothes and telling "yo mama" jokes. His lyrics were often said to be like watching a horror movie, although in 2002, Axe was reported to have said, "I don't watch scary movies, most of them have ridiculously bad acting and the same basic story lines". Because of his founder status he is occasionally referred to by other battlers as Axe God or Parashurama (Hindu: "God with an Axe"), but this title is not found on any of his 16 albums, various singles, or any of his videos for reasons only known to the artist.

Sacred Society Battle League closed up shop in 2008 shortly before it's most well known artist, Mickey Factz, was selected as XXL magazine's 2009 "Freshmen of the Year". Factz went on to become a successful artist signing with Jive Recording and recording tracks with popular hip hop stars like Drake and Lupe Fiasco. Other Sacred artists such as Times Change and Half Past Seven has been featured on URL Battle League and Eminem's Shade 45 Radio, making Sacred Society the biggest and most successful battle rap platform to date.