Real Name Jerry Douglas
Origin St. Louis, MO
Rap Group Writer's Block
Motto "I told him once, this mothafucka scared, I'm from the mothafuckin Lou, that's how a mothafucka pled. Beat me? Can you believe what this mothafucka said? He musta slip, fell and bumped his muthafuckin head."

B-Magic hails from St. Louis Missouri, and started his battle rap career on Street Status TV in St. Louis. He came out to Url around 2011 and got his start in the proving grounds where he faced QP and John John da Don. He is known for his wordplay and back to back punchlines. He claims to be a crip and is always wearing blue in his battles. In his first battle with URL against QP he pulled out his flag, then against Tay Roc he did the same thing.Allegedly got into a altercation with Fox a member of the rap group the S.O.N.S. 


Opponent Date League/Event
Iron Solomon May 15, 2016 KOTD
Conceited Sep 28, 2014 URL:SM4
Big-T Jun 7, 2014 URL: NOME IV
Rum Nitty Apr 19, 2014 KOTD Vendetta 2
Daylyt Jan 26, 2014 UW: High Stakes
Ill Will Dec 14, 2013 URL: Born Legacy
Charlie Clips Jun 23, 2013


QP (Qleen Paper) July, 2011 URL Proving Grounds