Big T
Real Name Big Tasha
Origin Chicago, IL
Rap Group None

Big T is a Chicago, IL based battle rapper and a member of the battle rap group NWX. He is also affiliated with the Black Gangster Disciples.


Opponent Date
  1. League
Dizaster Big T 1-0 Nov 8,2014 Lush one Random Set up
Aktive Big T 3-0 Dec 6, 2014 Ether
B-Magic Big T 2-1 Jun 7, 2014 URL: NOME IV
Big Kannon Kannon 2-1 April 2014 Go-Rilla Warfare
O-red Big T 2-1 Sep 8, 2013 URL:SM3
K-Shine Big T 3-0 Jun 23,2013


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