Bonnie Godiva
Real Name Jasmine Latty
Origin Yonkers, NY
Rap Group Innuendo
Leagues Queen of the Ring, KOTD, misc

Bonnie Godiva is one of the most active female battlers, starting on Queen of the Ring and accelerating to the top of the league's battlers. She moved from QOTR and, alongside Gattas, became the first female in KOTD. She's also battled on Snoop's Gladiator School event, RBE's Blood, Sweat, and Tiers, GTN, and Don't Flop, to name a few.

Known for her bar-heavy rounds, and her usually calm and aloof delivery and performance, Bonnie's often considered slept-on by viewers because she lacks the high energy or aggression of many of her opponents. Despite this, she's consistently ranked in top ten females lists, being cited as a complex and confident lyricist rather than performer. Perhaps in reaction to this, when she returned to QOTR in 2014 for NHB, her performance was extremely aggressive and confrontational against Ms. Fit, something previously unseen from her. It garnered negative feedback, with audiences saying it felt unnatural, despite the fact that she won the battle bar-for-bar.


Bonnie Godiva vs. Ms. Fit at No Holds Barred

Bonnie and battle rapper Math Hoffa were romantically involved in the past, but since their split, Bonnie has taken on a very different perspective of engaging in relationships with fellow Battle Rappers.Looking to the future, Bonnie doesn't plan on becoming intimate with another man who shares her profession, and stated that she is turned off from entertainers in general. 

Despite being controversial, the sheer number of battles Bonnie's done is prolific, as is her presence in all of battle rap's "Top Five" leagues. She's also battled more male opponents than most of her peers. 

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
K-Shine & DNA (with 40 B.A.R.R.S.) Queen of the Ring/ No Holds Barred 2 September 2015
C3 Queen of the Ring/Panic Room 3 May 2015
O'fficial Ether December 2014
Enigma Don't Flop November 2014
Melato Black RBE/Blood, Sweat, & Tiers November 2014
Syahboy Snoop's Gladiator School September 2014
Ms. Fit QOTR/NHB June 2014
Uno Lavoz KOTD March 2014
Shooney Da Rapper Black Ice Cartel March 2014
Dutchess KOTD January 2014
40 B.A.R.R.S. QOTR October 2013
Gattas KOTD September 2013
Germ Free KOTD May 2013
Killa World Battle League March 2013
Lexx Banko QOTR March 2013
Streamz QOTR October 2012
Star Smilez QOTR August 2012
Qua Star QOTR June 2012
Mz. Hollywood QOTR March 2012
Ill Bitz QOTR March 2012
Jada Raye QOTR January 2012