Charlie Clips
Real Name Charles Leon Brown III
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Dipset
Motto Sike, I lied nigga( "even when we outside, we in da building"

Charlie Clips is a battle rapper from Harlem, NY. He is considered to be the greatest battle rapper of all time. His father was the leader of the Lynchmob who is currently serving time in prison. He is in a Lasting and Loving Relationship with Sasha Simone. Clips is also a member of the Bloods street gang faction in Harlem and close friends with fellow rapper DNA.

Style Edit

Battle Rapper, Witty, Freestyle


Opponent Date League Event
Loaded Lux Sep 26, 2015 SMACK/URL Summer Madness 5
Ah Di Boom Sep 5, 2015 Rare Breed Ent. Blood, Sweat & Tiers 3
DNA N/A KOTD Back to Basements
Hollow Da Don May 9,


SMACK/URL NOME 5 - Debatable 2-1
T-Top Mar 28, 2015 SMACK/URL Rookies Vs. Vets - Won 2-1
Charron Nov 22, 2014 KOTD *3-0 Charron

Often debatable because many felt Clips did not take the battle seriously.

Daylyt June 28, 2014 KOTD BOLA 5
MarvWon Nov 8, 2014 Rap Grid


T-Rex Sep 28, 2014 SMACK/URL SM4 Won 3-0
Tay Roc Jun 7, 2014 SMACK/URL NOME 4 2-1 Won
Illmaculate Oct 4, 2014 KOTD Debatable
Heartless Cheddahouse 1-0

Charlie Clips

JC Gorilla Warfare 1-0

Charlie Clips

Hitman Holla Apr 21, 2014 Gorilla Warfare 2-1 Charlie Clips
Tsu Surf Dec 14, 2013 URL 3-0

Charlie Clips

B-Magic Jun 23, 2013 URL 2-1 Clips
Serius Jones Aug 19, 2012 URL 2-1


Danny Myers Angry Fans Radio 1-0

Charlie Clips

John John Da Don Quiet Room 1-0

Charlie Clips

Arsonal U DUBB 2-1 Charlie Clips
Big T URL 2-1


Oshea Don't Flop 3-0

Charlie Clips

Conceited KOTD 3-0

Charlie Clips

Tony D Don't Flop 3-0

Charlie Clips

Hollohan KOTD 3-0

Charlie Clips

DirtBag Dan KOTD 3-0

Charlie Clips

Aye Verb URL 3-0

Charlie Clips

Tay Roc Lionz Den 4-0

Charlie Clips


3-0 Clips

Daylyt KOTD Charlie Clips 2-1

T Rex

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