"Two pistols. Silencer on when I'm dumpin'em. I know you fearing Con (Farrakhan), that's a lie (ALLAH) if you think you can run (Qu'ran) after I muzzle'em (Muslim)."
Real Name Reggie Sergile
Origin Brooklyn, NY/ Miami,FL
Rap Group S.O.N.S.
Leagues URL, Da Jungle, Grind Time
Motto "Slow it down I just dissed you!!!"

Conceited is a battle rapper that destroys opponents with his wordplay. Most likely the best battle rapper of all time behind Cassidy. The Brooklyn native is also on Nick Cannon's Wild n' Out TV Show.

Came out on the scene vs Illmaculate in the first battle of Grind Time's 5 foot and under division.


Opponent Date League/Event
Bigg K Dec 6, 2014 Ether
B-Magic Sep 28, 2014 URL: SM4
Hitman Holla Jun 23, 2013 URL: NOME 3
Tsu Surf Dec 9, 2012 SMACK/URL
Arsonal Grind Time: BOTB5
Illmaculate Grind Time: Grizzlemania2
Cruger Don't Flop|}

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