DNA (born Eric St John ) is a battle rapper based in Queens, NY. He is a re-occurring battler on several different Leagues, including SMACK/URL, King Of The Dot, Dont flop and formerly Grind Time. He is notably known for his trademark, freestyle, which gives him a certain prestige, as he has exhibited time after time that he's one of the best freestylers, in the world! He's also known for his notable, gap located in the top row, of his front teeth. Due to an altercation, outside of battle rap,which he did fix at a point in time(replacement Tooth) but was loose, during his battle with Tech nine, Philly native battle rapper and unfortunately midverse flew and hit, Swave Sevah, a Harlem native battle rapper. His preemptive response, to no longer having his replacement tooth, to the fans, that the old DNA is back. Dna a Veteran, help made the 2 on 2, battle format popular, once again, with his partner, K shine, a harlem native battle rapper, who famously beat Dna, are now part of a group, called Nwx, containing Rain, one of the owners of SMACK/URL TV, Beasley, artist, Big T, a chicago native, Th3 Saga, a Queens native and last but not least, Official, the only female in Nwx, whoms native birthplace, is currently unknown to us. Who wrote this shit this is pathetically bad. The words above are written at a 2nd grade level.

Opponent Date League Event
Steams/Chess Sep 26, 2015 SMACK/URL SM5
Chess Mar 28, 2015 SMACK/URL Rookies Vs. Vets
Rone II (Replaced Uno Lavoz) Nov 22, 2014 KOTD Flatline 3
Tay Roc Sep 28, 2014 SMACK/URL SM4
Ill Will Jun 7,2014 SMACK/URL NOME IV
Chilla Jones Jun 23, 2013 SMACK/URL NOME III
Dizaster Nov 5, 2011 KOTD Flatline
Young Ill Mar 27, 2011 SMACK/URL A Night of Main Events
T-Rex Jan 11, 2011 Time Is Money Paid In Full
Arsonal Apr 27, 2013 Don't Flop Checkpoint
Thesaurus Mar 23, 2013 KOTD Vengeance 2
The Dentist August 11, 2002 "The Office of Dental Practice" The Dentist won 10-0 (Bodybag)