Dizaster is a Los Angeles based battle rapper who is known for his rapidfire multi rhymes and aggressive delivery. He gained notoriety on the tail end of JUMPOFF's World Rap Championships after a surprising victory against Thesaurus. He became widely known after his battle with Canibus and later Cassidy.


Real Name Bachir "Manfred" Yagami
Origin Van Nuys, CA
Rap Group
Leagues GrindTimeNow, King of the Dot, Don't Flop, URL, DKcastings
Opponent League/Event
Cassidy Ether
Swave Sevah GrindTimeNow:Bodybag Season
Nocando GrindTimeNow:Grizzlemania 2
DNA King of the Dot:Flatline
Canibus King of the Dot:Vendetta
Loonie Sunugan
Arsonal King of the Dot:World Domination 4
Dumbfoundead World Domination 5
Tierstar Rap am Mittwoch (Battlemania Champions-League

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