"On god you done met your match, think Christian Mingle".
Real Name Brian
Origin Tampa, FL
Rap Group Spadelyfe (Founder)
Leagues Enter the Dungeon
Motto "Ya'll know what's after death right? Get him a casket!!!!!"
Duce has been battling in the Tampa Bay are since the dawn of his home league Enter the Dungeon in 2012. Competing in the very first event, Duce went against a rapper named Heavy Lyrics and based on most opinions on the battle comments, left with the win.

Duce became widely known through out the battle rap community when he faced off against URL battle rapper Conceited at Enter the Dungeon's Eulogy event. The battle was only 1 round with most fans giving the win to Conceited. The battle quickly rose up Duce's view count to 100k. Since then, Duce has battled against emcess such as Zig Zag, Automatic Ray and Fonzie with many fans claiming he has not took a loss since Conceited.


Opponent Date League
Fonzie Dec 20, 2015 Bullpen Battle League
Zig Zag Jun 14, 2015 Spit Dat Heat
Automatic Ray Dec 20, 2015 Enter The Dungeon
Conceited July 29, 2014 Enter The Dungeon
Johnny Voss May 10, 2014 Enter the Dungeon
King Gutta Dec 22, 2014 Enter the Dungeon
Heavy Lyrics Oct 20, 2012 Enter the Dungeon


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