Real Name Unknown
Origin Bronx/Yonkers, NY
Rap Group Sleep Deprivation
Leagues Queen of the Ring, URL, misc.

A legend in her own right, E-Hart's career as a battle rapper dates back far beyond Queen of the Ring. She was a pioneer of female battle rap (and furthermore, female rap in general,) as she started battling with the likes of Remy Ma, Lady Luck, and Ma Barker. She is widely respected among the QOTR/battle rap community as being one of the trailblazers for respect and visibility for female battlers, and for making an all-female league viable. She and Ms. Hustle were the first two women to ever be given a battle on SMACK/URL.

[Picture of E-Hart rapping]

E-Hart's prowess has only grown with age. RapGrid referred to her as "[arguably] the best female battle rapper on the planet," a sentiment echoed throughout blogs and reviews across the internet. However, E-Hart's relative lack of battling definitely diminishes what could be a fearsome presence. She never battles more than once or twice a year, but when she does, she usually obliterates her opponents. (Her careful yet unflinching dissection of Chayna Ashley is a perfect example of her abilities.) She was universally considered undefeated until Fall of 2014, at Snoop's Gladiator School event, where 20-year-old QOTR battler O'fficial bested her. Jaz the Rapper was afterwards quoted as saying "O'fficial is the new Queen"; implying therein that defeating E-Hart was the true way to that title, a feat other alleged "Queens" of QOTR (like Gattas, Hustle, 40 B.A.R.R.S., etc.) have not done.

E-Hart's style is calm and deliberate, with infinitely complex bars and schemes stacking on top of one another that build into a crescendo of intensity. Rather than using more cutty personals (like Couture or 40), E-Hart tends to read her opponent's character, exposing them for deeper, more personal flaws.

Battles Edit

Opponent League/Event Date
C3 Queen of the Ring/No Holds Barred 2 September 2015
O'fficial Snoop's Gladiator School September 2014
Gattas Queen of the Ring/#NoHoldsBarred June 2014
Chayna Ashley QOTR March 2013
Ms. Fit QOTR November 2011
Ms. Hustle SMACK/URL January 2011
Trice QOTR January 2011
Ladi Treez QOTR September 2010