Fred Ease is an American battle rapper from Tampa, Florida. He currently has 7 battles catalogued which total 8,318 views.

Fred Ease
"What that nigga said"?
Real Name Fred
Origin Tampa, FL
Rap Group Jump Street
Leagues Enter The Dungeon
Motto "They keep asking me to switch my style up, I keep asking them for what?"


Opponent Date League
Loso Dec 26, 2015 Enter The Dungeon
Youn Herb Jun 3, 2015 Spit Dat Heat
Killa Kev Apr 5, 2015 Enter The Dungeon
King Gutta Jan 1, 2014 Enter The Dungeon
Craig Lamar July 27, 2015 Enter the Dungeon
Lu Cipher May 10, 2014 Enter the Dungeon
ATN Oct 20, 2012 The Bar Exams
White Roux Jan 25, 2014 Enter The Dungeon