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Hitman Holla
Real Name Gerald Fulton
Origin Hazelwood, MO
Rap Group none
Leagues SMACK/URL, Battle America, Fight Klub
Motto "Ball Game," "Yett Yett"

Hitman Holla was JJ FROM GOOD TIMES and a college athlete star that started battle rapping. He ends every round with either "Ball game", "yett yett", or both. He claims to be a blood. Hitman's style is notable for his agressive delivery, and uses of techniques such as remixing his bars.

On July 28, 2013 Hitman tweeted that he has been banned from URL. He claimed that it was "kuz I wanted my battle to drop sooner" referring to his Conceited battle, but it was probably because he threatened to knock Norbes (a URL staff member) the fuck out.
Lights Out Battle Rapper 'Hitman Holla' TKO's Man Who Was Threatening To Hurt Him01:28

Lights Out Battle Rapper 'Hitman Holla' TKO's Man Who Was Threatening To Hurt Him

Holla knocks a bouncer tfo

Battles Edit

Opponent Date League
Tsu Surf Sep 28, 2014 URL:SM4 (2-1 Holla)
Charlie Clips Apr 21, 2014 Go-Rilla Warfare
O-Red Jan 26,2014 UW: High Stakes
T-Rex Dec, 2013 St Louis
Conceited June 23, 2013 URL:NOME3
Math Hoffa Feb 24, 2013


John John Da Don Aug 19, 2012 SMACK/URL
Aye Verb Mar 21, 2012 SMACK/URL
Goodz Dec 18, 2011 Battle America
Hollow Da Don Aug 26, 2011 SMACK/URL
Arsonal Dec 25, 2010 SMACK/URL
Remy D Fight Klub
Hitman Holla Rollerblading00:16

Hitman Holla Rollerblading

his brother aint have to hold him up


Ball Game (2012)

balllll-gameeee-1.5 (2011)



Ball game fashion

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