Ill Will
Real Name William Jones
Origin Pontiac, MI
Rap Group Team Homi
Leagues URL

 Ill Will aka Mont-ill Williams aka (w)ill aka Ill Will III (Ill Will the third) is one of the most prominent battle rappers hailing from the small town of Pontiac Michigan (aka 'Yac town). After being involved in the local battle rap scene of his area, he made his URL debut against Johnny Alcatrez in the PG event that took place around the same time as Summer Madness 2. This battle had the fans and the URL staff nodding their heads with a grin and landed him a spot on the first season of UFF which he ultimately won.  

 Following the UFF tournament, Ill Will was placed on the SM3 card against Tay Roc. Despite his choke fans agreed that his battle was the battle of the night of that sorry-ass event. He was then placed on the Born Legacy card which he battled against B-Magic. He once again made battle of the night on that card. However his next battle wasn't too dazzling (loaded lux voice). The next URL battle that he was booked for was at Nome 4 against DNA. The crowd was in good health that event, in other words they wasn't feeling Ill at all.

Afterwards, he returned during UFF's season 2 to face the winner of that season's tournament SNO aka Andy LaRocksta. He came out victorious in that bout as well, and snatched the $10k prize money along with some new kicks from that poor white boy. URL would then attempt to book him against for the SM4 card against Arsonal, but Will abandoned smack almost as soon as that battle was announced. Which raised the question if URL be even contacting the battlers before the card trailer actually drops. After a hiatus, Ill WIll made his URL return on the Born Legacy 3 with a bar-filled battle with Rum Nitty. He battled Charlie Clips on NOME 6 shortly after after that he battled Brizz Rawsteen at NOME 7 where he did the famous "Loaded Lux imitation" imitating Loaded Lux from his battle against Calicoe then he was booked for URL's Double impact teaming up with his former opponent Rum Nitty against Math Hoffa and Cortez.


Opponent Date League/Event

NOME 7 Vs. Brizz Rawsteen

Charlie Clips URL: NOME 6
Rum Nitty URL: BL3
Showoff RBE: Blood, sweat, tiers 2
Big Kannon Jan 22, 2015 Rare Breed Ent
X-Factor Rap Grid
Arsonal Sep 28, 2014 URL:SM4
DNA Jun 7, 2014 URL: NOME IV
B-Magic Dec 14, 2013 URL:Born Legacy
Tay Roc Sep 19, 2013 URL:SM3
Lotta zay URL/BET: UFF
Danja Zone URL/BET:UFF
Johnny Alcatraz URL: Proving Grounds