Real Name Julian Carter
Origin Pontiac, MI
Rap Group Unknown
Even though he looks young his age is a mystery. He claimed that he made his dancing tape for Chris Stokes when he was 18. But he got bars tho so its cool. He is also the only battler rapper on the circuit.
Urltv battle rapper jc popping it for chris stokes02:52

Urltv battle rapper jc popping it for chris stokes

JC's Dancing Vid for Chris Stokes

Opponent Date League/Event
Tay Roc Dec 14, 2013 URL Born Legacy
John John Da Don Oct 26,2013 URL/SNKRBST
Caustic KOTD: Alcatraz
Yung Ill Dec 9, 2012 URL Armageddon
Chilla Jones URL
Rosenberg Raw URL Detroit

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