John John Da Don
Real Name Jonathan McGee
Origin Yonkers, NY
Rap Group Shrug Life
Leagues URL, Grind Time(GA), AHAT, KOTD
Motto "PLZ DONT SAY the JOHN if u aint sayin it TWICE & if you don't say da don YOU Ain't saying it RIGHT!!! - from jjdd twitter

JJDD AKA John John Da Don AKA DEBO16. John John Da Don is well known for his "multiple choice" scheme, and using other battlers bars/schemes/slogans. He has the 3rd most viewed URL battle on youtube (John John Da Don vs. Hitman Holla).


Opponent trash Date League/Event
Tay Roc December 12, 2015 SMACK/URL: A Perfect Day to Die
Prep Mar 28, 2015 Rookies vs Vets
Aye Verb Sep 28, 2014 URL:SM4
Reed Dollaz Jun 7,2014 URL: NOME IV
JC Nov 26, 2013 URL: SNKRBST
Math Hoffa Apr 20, 2013 URL
Hitman Holla Aug 19, 2012 URL: SM2
Cortez URL
Thesaurus  KOTD
K Shine URL
Charlie Clips Quiet Room
B-Magic URL: PG

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