List of Major Battle Rap Leagues (1990s-present): Edit

Major Battle Leagues (U.S. and Canada) 
League Year Founded Founder(s) Current or Last Known Champion
Ell Oh Crew 1998 Robo Rob and Emcee Ghost J-Lynch
Sacred Society  1999 Fam Nice and Axe Mickey Factz
JumpOff TV 2003 Ara Illmaculate
Let's Beef  2005 X and V Bobby Blanco
Don't Flop 2008 Eurgh and Cruger Soul
GrindTime Now 2008 Drect PH
King of The Dot 2008 Organik Illmaculate
Ultimate Rap Leauge 2008 Smack Chilla Jones
Queen of the Ring 2010 Debo and Vague Jaz the Rapper

Major Battle Leagues (France)

League Year


Founder(s) Current or Last

Known Champion

Rap Contenders 2010 Stunner and Dony S Wojtek

Other Battle LeaguesEdit


  • FlipTop

Great Britain:

  • Don't Flop


  • VBT (VideoBattleTurnier)
  • RBA (Reimliga Battle Arena)
  • JBB (JuliensBlogBattle)
  • RAM (Rap Am Mittwoch)
  • DLTLLY (Don't Let The Label Label You)
  • RoyalBunker Battles
  • Streetfight Battles
  • Splash! Battles
  • BRT (BattleRapTime)
  • TBT (TimshisBattleTurnier)
  • HoS (Hall of Shame)
  • KKT (Kevins Kritisches Turnier)
  • EoR (Evolution of Rap)
  • FüD (Feuer über Deutschland)
  • BLB (BundesländerBattle)


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