Loaded Lux
Real Name Jhon Lucks
Origin Streets of Harlem
Rap Group Lionz Den
Leagues SMACK/URL, SMACK DVD's, Lionz Den
Motto "You gon' get this work!"

"Stand up niggas don't lean "

He was featured on the early SMACK DVD's in the mid 2000's. He went undefeated 7 weeks straight on 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday to be inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2007. On the 7th week, he narrowly escaped an infanticide charge for beating a choking Nuborn. After a 6 year hiatus, he returned to battle Calicoe at URL:Summer Madness 2 in 2012 with a legendary performance and many quotables. He received mainstream recognition.

He was mentioned at the end of A$AP Ferg's Work(remix) by A$AP Rocky. He was featured on Mac Miller's sophomore album, on the song "Red Dot Music". His main slogan "You Gon' Get This Work" has been tweeted by Jay-Z and numerous other rap peers.

He released his mixtape "You Gon' Get This Work" and "Hail Goku" hosted by Shaquille O'neal in 2013.

He is prepping his sophomore album "Beloved CHAPTER 2" set to release in 2014.

He had an amazing performance against Calicoe, which many regard as one of the best rap battles ever, despite choking in the first round.

Loaded Lux had a classic battle against Hollow Da Don at the UW: High Stakes event. And a very tension filled battle against charlie clips. The bout has become one of the most debatable battle's in recent times. Lux came loaded with quotable in what some say was another dominating performance by the veteran battle rapper. His new album the Beloved 2 is one of the best album of the year.


Opponent Date League/Event
Charlie Clips Sep 26, 2015 URL: SM5
Murda Mook July 7, 2014 Total Slaughter
Hollow Da Don Jan 26, 2014 UW: High Stakes
Calicoe Aug 19, 2012 URL: Summer Madness 2
Murda Mook 2003 SMACK DVD
Young Miles 2006 SMACK DVD
Dee jul 5 2011 Underground Battle League
Precise 106 & Park
Nuborn 106 & Park

Mike Louch

106 & Park

J Biz 106 & Park
Relentless 106 & Park
Cess Lo 106 & Park

Official LinksEdit Lux's Music Page Lux's youtube channel Lux's website Lux's instagram page Lux's twitter page

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