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File:Fred-ease.jpgFile:Freestyle Friday Voss vs. JohnJohnDaDon Round 1File:GATTAS.JPG
File:Hh.PNGFile:Hitman.jpegFile:Hitman Holla Rollerblading
File:Hitman Holla skating in Red Leather PantsFile:Hollow.jpgFile:Hollow Da Don.jpg
File:Hollowdadon card.jpgFile:Hustle-vs-Gattas.jpgFile:Illwill.PNG
File:Krissy Yamagucci.JPGFile:Kshine.pngFile:Lights Out Battle Rapper 'Hitman Holla' TKO's Man Who Was Threatening To Hurt Him
File:Math.jpgFile:Math Hoffa 20.pngFile:Math Hoffa Punches Serius Jones In The Face During Rap Battle @ SM3
File:Murda Mook BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 Red Carpet ihafeErqymNx.jpgFile:Norma-bayts-1.jpgFile:Off.jpg
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File:Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.33.10 PM.pngFile:Serius.pngFile:Seriusnono.gif
File:Sj.jpgFile:Tayroc.pngFile:The Best of Battle Rap - 9DM (Ft. Bars against Illmaculate, Real Deal, Ness Lee, Bigg K + more)
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Arcane (Part 1) Ft Bars vs Bender, Dizaster, TheSaurus, PH + MoreFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Bender Ft Bars vs Loe Pesci, Syd Vicious, Illmaculate, Protege + MoreFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Charron (Part 1) Bars vs Chedda Cheese, Unanymous, HFK, Cruger etc
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Cruger Bar's vs Charron, Verb T, Conceited, TheSaurus, etcFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Dizaster (Part 1) Bars vs Jerzy Swift, HFK, Cortez, Arcane, SMP etcFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Dizaster (Part 2) Bars vs Canibus, Sensa, DNA, Illmaculate, PH, Arsonal
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Henry Bowers (English Battles Only) Ft Bars vs Dizaster, Dirtbag Dan etcFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Illmaculate (Part 2) (Ft.TheSaurus, Conceited, Hollow Da Don, Dizaster)File:The Best of Battle Rap - Loe Pesci Part 1 Ft Bars vs Bender, Marvwon, Real Deal, Soul, Matter
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Pat Stay (Part 1) Ft Bars vs TheSaurus, Math Hoffa, Arcane, Hollohan +File:The Best of Battle Rap - Real Deal (Part 1) (Bars vs Ogmios, TheSaurus, B-Magic, Okwerdz, etc)File:The Best of Battle Rap - Sensa
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Sketch Menace Bars vs Enigma, HFK, Loe Pesci, Bender etcFile:The Best of Battle Rap - Soul (Ft Bars against Mark Grist, Bamalam, Matter, Unanymous + more)File:The Best of Battle Rap - TheSaurus (Part 1) (Ft. Bars against Real Deal, DNA, Cortez, Eurgh + More)
File:The Best of Battle Rap - Unanymous (Bars vs Shotty Horroh, Villun, Soul, Charron, Youthoracle)File:The Best of Battle Rap - Youthoracle (Part 1) Bars vs Matter, Unanymous, Ogmios, Innuendo + MoreFile:The Best of Battle Rap - llmaculate (Part 1) (Ft.Bars against. Arsonal, Kerser, Tony D, Bigg K)
File:The Road to Arcane vs DNA Promo Trailer Blackout 4File:Tigerty.pngFile:ToriDoe-0.JPG
File:TsuSurfprofile.jpgFile:Urllogo.pngFile:Urltv battle rapper jc popping it for chris stokes

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