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Math Hoffa
"This is Battle Rap! Two MC's hit a stage. With no beat they compete with raps, schemes, and displays. Though shit might sound real: really mean and full of rage... at the end of the day they don't mean what they say."
Real Name Unknown
Origin Brooklyn, NY
Rap Group None
Motto "You ain't got bars like dat... and I'mma bring the bars right back!"

He got some attention in the early 2000's as D-LOW BROWN IN THE WWF and for his battle against Dose (now known as J dose). In the middle of Math's round, he punched Dose after his hat brim touched Math's nose. That incident permanently labeled him as a bully for punching a dude half his size. They had a rematch on the URL stage again in 2013, and this time Dose wore a hat without a brim.

There has been controversy regarding the incident with dose. Rapper T-rex and also some of Math's companions claim that Math suffered a beating from Dose's friends off cam something Math Hoffa has been avoiding to speak upon.

he has also snuck battle rap legend serius jones, and payed for it in his battle with dizaster when dizaster fucked his ass up and get this, it got on tmz!!! lmaoo he got what he deserved that whack ass nigga


Opponent Date League/Event
Serius jones Sep 8, 2013 URL:SM3 (shut down because he snuck serius)
Daylyt LA Leakers
John John Da Don April 20, 2013 URL
Shotgun Suge UW
J Dose 2013 URL (rematch)
Arsonal UW
J Dose Smack DVD

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