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Math Hoffa
"This is Battle Rap! Two MC's hit a stage. With no beat they compete with raps, schemes, and displays. Though shit might sound real: really mean and full of rage... at the end of the day they don't mean what they say."
Real Name Justin Edwards
Origin Brooklyn, NY
Rap Group New York Bullies, House Gang Union
Motto "Try not to fall asleep, you know his bars type wack, and I'll be here next round to bring the bars right back! HOFFA!"

Math Hoffa is a battle rapper who hails from Brooklyn, New York and he's mostly known for his infamous fight against Dose in the early URL/Smack battles. In the middle of Math's round, he punched Dose after his hat brim touched Math's nose. That incident permanently labeled him as a bully for punching a dude half his size. They had a rematch on the URL stage again in 2013, and this time Dose wore a hat without a brim.

There has been controversy regarding the incident with Dose. Harlem battle rapper, T-Rex, and also some of Math's companions claim that Math suffered a beating from Dose's friends off cam something Math Hoffa has been avoiding to speak upon.

On URL's Summer Madness 3, Math Hoffa battled Serius Jones and was disqualified due to him punching Serius in the face, which was believed that his actions shut down the event. Smack and Beasley had to ban him from the URL for the actions that he committed. Daylyt stated that Math and Serius was the last battle for that night, so there was no possible way that he would've been the reason that the whole event shut down.

In Math Hoffa vs. Dizaster, at the end of Dizaster's third round, Diz says "I should punch you in your fucking face right now", to which Math replies, "Do it.". Diz did it. Many, many times.

Math's Rap Style is consisted of Aggressive, Witty, Deep, and Jokes(on occasion...)bars. In addition Math hoffa has recorded several music projects and a mix tape series titled ACMD. Notoriously known for working with XyayX multi media in Brooklyn during the later coure of his career.

Memorable Bars : "I'm from Brooklyn nigga, no work then we go to rob , because I can get a gun faster than I can get a job, You talk hard I hope your about this shit, because where I'm from we grab chains and punch you out for shit, we be gon before you touch the floor, and if your chain is fake we find you to FUCK you up some MORE!!."

"I seen ya interviews I'm guessing you just love to front, Just because I punched a sucker doesn't mean it was a sucker punch, these other niggaz be getting violated cuz they a bunch of bluffing punks, But I'm the type of nigga you only have to fuck with ONCE!"

"I'm giving him pure comedy he dont deserve hot quotes, His whole career is like a knock knock joke, Knock Knock (Who's there) ask me, Dose! ( Dose who?) Exactly !

"Your real name is Chad Duncan, That says I ain't never been to prison before...Now hold up, Shotgun make him fold up, Big hole, no guts, that’s a Duncan (Dunkin’) Donut."

"If you try that Math Hoffa shit, he gon weave the shot, Nigga please, you see the type of reach I got?, You can’t weave my speed, you gon spit a couple teeth and drop, Your peoples, they gon leave the spot, then in a couple weeks this twat gon wake up out his coma with the same beard that Jesus got"


Opponent Date League/Event
DIzaster July, 2014 KOTD

Serius jones

Sep 8, 2013

URL:SM3 (disqualified due to assaulting Serius Jones)

Daylyt LA Leakers
John John Da Don April 20, 2013 URL
Shotgun Suge UW
J Dose 2013 URL (rematch)
Arsonal UW
Iron Solomon 2011 URL
J Dose Smack DVD

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