Ms. Miami
Real Name Unknown
Origin Queens, NY
Rap Group Unknown
Leagues Queen of the Ring, misc
Real Job "Bitches take shots, but they miss Miami"
Ms. Miami is a Queen of the Ring fan-favorite, who, despite demonstrating significant chops when it comes to performance, aggression, and bars, has had opponents that have choked on almost every single card she's been on.  Ms. Miami has had some stumbles in the past, but has clearly beaten all of her opponents by successfully "b-b-b-barring" them to death, and using her total-package performance to show out on any stage or platform. Her most recent battle was at the QOTR: Murder She Wrote Event against veteran Norma Bayts, a battler known for her savage intensity and violent energy. Miami came out swinging, but choked round two, leaving what many would consider her first highly "debatable" battle. Miami is on her way up, and it will be interesting to see who "Hurricane Miami" takes down in her path.

Ms. Miami from her QOTR battle with Lady E

She often draws comparisons to another QOTR veteran, Chayna Ashley, because of her strength and talent marred by her stumbles. Regardless, she is still wildly popular, and as she stated (prior to her clear loss to Norma,) she "is arguably undefeated" despite her stumbles, and a tenacious battler, and a editorial even went so far as to hail her as "the next Queen of the Ring" after her battles with O'fficial and Jai.


Opponent League/Event Date
Casey Jay QOTR/Winter Wars February 2015
Norma Bayts Queen of the Ring/Murder She Wrote

October 2014

Cashflo Rizzy World Battle League October 2014
Jai Smoove Rare Breed Ent.: Lift His Soul September 2014
O'fficial Queenzflip: Quiet Room (Vengeance) May 2014
Lady E QOTR/Caskets or Classics April 2014
Precyse QOTR/No Backing Out May 2013
Mz. Hollywood QOTR February 2013
C3 QOTR January 2013
Shiest Raw QOTR: Sparring Session October 2012
Swisz QOTR: Sparring Session August 2012

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