Murda Mook
Murda Mook BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 Red Carpet ihafeErqymNx
Picture of Murda Mook.
Real Name Johnathan Ancrams
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Dot Mob [Founder]
Leagues SMACK/URL, Fight Klub

Murda Mook is one of the rappers that performed under the SMACK/URL battle league. In his career, he has battled several other well esteemed competitors including Loaded Lux and Iron hi. A legend of battle rap.

Murda Mook is currently signed with Ruff Ryders music.

Although he had recently retired from battle rapping, he made a special appearance to battle the lyrical legend Iron Solomon, for $20,000, as he claims. That battle event was attended by P. Diddy and Busta Rhymes.



Date League
Loaded Lux July 7th, 2014 Slaughter House
Iron Solomon August 19, 2012 SMACK/URL
Teveechi Gleaux March 15th, 2012 SMACK/URL
Serius Jones ?? URL
Loaded Lux ?? URL
Jae Mills ?? URL
Weeze ?? Street Battle (Unscheduled)
Adrien Broner ?? Challenge At NOME 3 (Unscheduled)
Cardi ?? FightKlub
Party Arty ?? URL
Dad ?? Street Battle