Ness Lee is a battle rap artist from Albany, Georgia based in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Edit

Perhaps one of the most distinct and respected underground rap artists in the southern United States, he made his main debut in 2009 battling Jay Focus on GrindTime, although he has battled against Reggie P in MC War and alongside Jarren Benton in the Jumpoff league's World Rap Championships in 2007. Even though he lost against Jay Focus, afterwards he has not garnered a single loss throughout his career. He began to work his way up in Grindtime battling rappers like Paperwerks, Frankie Wapps, and F.L.O.. Ness Lee's unique rhyme patterning weaved with creative wordplay and jokes cemented his place on the battle circuit as an untouchable figure.

As Lee was working his way up the ladder in GrindTime battling heavyweights like Illmaculate he participated in 'The Most Hated Tournament' hosted by Poison Pen and Immortal Technique. Battling all the way through the ranks to the final round against A-Class only for the battle to be canceled.

Nonetheless his reputation remained unscathed as he was able to make his debut in Canada's top tier league King of the Dot facing Loe Pesci. Lee's career began to peak when KOTD invited him back for the Blackout 2 in 2013 (an event that is noted for being co-hosted by Drake). He was matched up against the notorious rising star from the UK Shotty Horroh.