|second = New Orleans, LA|third = Flatine and NWX|fourth = QOTR, misc|fifth = "I got a grudge with these fists, I will never let the past slide, I just rock this bitch Vin Diesel style with a fast 5, everybody in the crowd know it bout that time, this bitch career is an underscore: FLATLINE" & "First round: personal, second round: bars, third round ya'll gon regret putting this bitch on the card."}} Known for being one of the hardest punchers on the scene, not to mention battlers, 20 year old from NOLA exploded onto the Queen of the Ring scene, and has gone on to battle multiple male rappers in various other leagues. Her delivery is known for being very aggressive and confrontational, her performance highly animated, and most famously known for her punchline-heavy raps.

Despite being so young and still somewhat new to the scene, O'fficial is a top contender for the title of Queen of the Ring, and making waves elsewhere. After she bodied E-Hart, Jaz the Rapper told Unbias she thought "O'ffial is the new queen." She's battled an impressive string of fearsome opponents like C3, Ms. MiamiDaylyt, and Couture (though that battle is heavily debated.) The 2014 PG Bloggers Battle Rap Awards gave O'fficial "Best Female Punchline of the Year" for her "slave ship" line, and her battle with C3 was given "Best Female Battle of the Year." In November of 2014, Aye Verb co-signed O'fficial via facebook, calling her the "most active....and best female MC".


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.33.10 PM

O'fficial at her NHB battle against Couture

Opponent League/Event Date Result
Ms. Hustle URL:SM5 Sep 26, 2015
Jaz The Rapper URL: NOME 5 May 9, 2015 3-0 O'fficial
Bonnie Godiva Ether  December 2014
E-Hart Snoop's Gladiator School September 2014
Couture QOTR: #NoHoldsBarred June 2014
Daylyt Queenzflip: Silent Room
Ms. Miami Queenzflip: Vengeance
C3 QOTR: Caskets or Classics
K.Prophet QOTR: No Backing Out
Lexx Banko QOTR: Do or Die
BC GuddavilleTV: All Out War
Unique Barrz QOTR: Sparring Session
Automatic Ray Spit Dat Heat: Verbal Contract
Yung Nite TBL University: Call the Coroner
Boogie GotBarzTV

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