Biography Edit

He was born in Saint Petersburg, January 31st, 1985. When he was 9, his family moved to Germany and he has conflicts with classmates in mid school. When he was 12-13 he started to perform rap as MIF (МИФ, Miron Yanovich Fedorov). One of his most popular tracks ("Последний звонок", The prom) is dedicated to his relationships with classmates. Than he started to write rap in russian language and he was sure that he is first russian rapper.

When he was 15, he moved to the Great Britain and he didn't have problems with coevals anymore. His teacher suggest him to apply for Oxford and he became a student of Literature faculty.

After he finished his education, he started to look for a job, but he couldn't be hired because of overqualification. He met Russian emigrants and returned as a rapper. His new pseudonym was Oxxxymiron which was a combine of words Miron (his name) and oxymoron, and three x-s stand for a lot of filthy language in his songs.

Artistry Edit

In 2011 Oxxxymiron releases his first album.

In 2015 he take a part in Russian rap-battle Versus. His opponent was Johnyboy and Oxxxymiron won battle, all five judges vote for him. This battle had over 1 million of views for the first day, and Dizaster noticed Oxxxymiron.

In the fall of 2015 Oxxxymiron released his second album, Gorgorod. It is the whole work in genre of dystopia about young poet who lives in the city with tyrannical mayor.

For these days Oxxxymiron is the most popular russian rapper, and he has great influence. His intelligence and intellect show that rappers can be smart and their songs are not always about vodka, bitches and drugs (it was typical for the most of russian rappers).