QB Black Diamond
Real Name Laquaysha Brown
Origin Bridgeport, CT
Rap Group Writer's Bloc (formerly Team-Homi)
Leagues Queen of the Ring, KOTD, misc
Motto "You can't expose a bitch who ain't got shit to hide!"

In a league known for disrespecting girls screaming disrespectful shit, QB Black Diamond is the queen of disrespect. QB Black Diamond is known for wild energy, highly animated performance, non-stop aggression, and mostly, her mad creative bars about killing her opponent's children ("i'll drag that bitch up several blocks, and it won't stop, I'll Sevyn Streeter", for example, or "i'll put your son in the washing machine, pour some bleach in, and watch him spin around".) 

And because she's a real bitch on her real shit (her motto is "you can't expose a bitch who don't got shit to hide"), she doesn't just keep the violence in the ring. QB got jumped by Bonnie Godiva and her "aunt" (actually her tranny uncle) after a QOTR event. A year later, after a long-running Twitter feud with Ms. Fit, QB broke a glass on Ms. Fit's girlfriend's head, starting a fight. After being separated by Cortez and Swave Sevah, Ms. Fit came up to QB from behind and punched her, starting another fight. In her VladTV interview with Don Ladyii, QB comes this close to actually laying hands on Don on camera. She also has beef with Math Hoffa, and pretty much everyone in general.

She is a Queen of the Ring original, but has been on KOTD and URL. She's a very prominent figure in the battle rap world. Her battle against Ms. Hustle is often considered by critics the all-time best female rap battle, (it is). 

QB at Hell Up in Harlem, vs. StarGirl LadyRed


Opponent League/Event Date
Phara Funeral QOTR/NHB June 2014
StarGirl LadyRed Hell Up In Harlem

August 2013

Don Ladyii QOTR March 2013
Jaz the Raper URL December 2012
Mrs. Hustle QOTR February 2012
Gattas & Drect (with Swave Sevah GTN November 2011
Dutchess QOTR April 2011
Skye QOTR November 2010
Ms. Fit Barz & BraStrapz September 2010
Gattas B&B April 2010