Real Name Mitchell Slim-Fitzpatrick
Origin Wolverhampton, UK
Rap Group TWI$T'D ACE$
Leagues No Choke Zone
Slim-Fitz is a rapper and battler originated from Wolverhampton, UK and now residing in Saltash, UK. He is a growing name in the South West area, battling big name battlers and moving on to bigger things such as albums & EPs and bigger battles with big name battlers in the UK.

League Record (W-D-L): 3-1-0

Opponent Date League Result
Exekaetive 26/11/2015 No Choke Zone 3-2 Win
Unanymous 13/06/2015 No Choke Zone Agreed Draw
Tiny 13/06/2015 No Choke Zone 5-0 Win
Lego 13/06/2015 No Choke Zone 5-0 Win

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