Swave Sevah
Real Name Black Sour Ranger
Origin Harlem, NY
Rap Group Team Homi
Leagues URL, UW, Grind Time, RBE

Suck this niggawave sevah is one of the oldest (age 612) and dominant battle rappers of this era along with Head Ice. He is the founder of Team Homi(cide) which has members nationwide such as battle rappers Ill Will, Lotta Zay, and QB (the black diamond), Rum Nitty & Xcel


Opponent Date League/Event
Daylyt Sep 8,2013 URL: SM3(Cancelled)
O-Solo Sep 16, 2012 UW: Anarchy
Shotgun Suge Jul 15, 2012 URL: Rude Awakening
Head Ice  Apr 18, 2012 URL: Poison Pen Event
Dizaster Nov 12, 2010

GrindTimeNow: BodyBag Season

Showoff Nov 1, 2014 RBE: Blood, Sweat and Tiers