Tay Roc
Tay Roc, gun bar god &proud american
Real Name Donte Richardson
Origin Baltimore, MD
Rap Group Cave Gang, Dot Mob, Guntitles
Leagues URL. Lionz Den

Born Dalontay Richardson aka "Tay Roc" on April 28, 1988 in Baltimore Maryland, history has repeated itself in making another rap battle legend. Hailing from Bodymore, Murderland, it is only right that he is consider THE gun bar god witnessing first hand the murders and homicides in his own violent and dangerous city. He arose from that hell and became a king in the realm of battle rap, destroying his opponents with an aggressive flow with multiple punchlines. He shows up in every battle, making them entertaining and memorable, even in ones that he loses (which are very few). His energy is consumed by the crowd and in turn the crowds energy is consumed by him, making any stage his home. Knocking off opponets left and right, Tay Rock represents his city well, and "Thats Light".

Tay Rocstarted writing raps at the age of 9 and was battle rapping by the time he reached Middle School. By the time he was 16 years old, Tay Roc had made a name for himself in the world of battle rap on the local Baltimore scene. At age 18 Tay Roc decided to take his battles out of state and began battling in New York where he gained notoriety battling for SMACK URL. Tay Roc has over 12 million views on YOUTUBE with individual battles peaking at over 2 million views.. In late 2012 Tay Roc decided to start his own Company CAVE ENT. and further his career as a recording artist, he dropped a Mixtape called COCA-LOSA & GRANDADDY that was released on Tay Roc is going main steam with his music although his love and passion for battle rap still remains. He hopes to bring his rap battle fans over to his mainstream music to achieve great success in the industry as an Independent artist. Tay Roc is the face of SMACK URL and main member of the legendary group DOT MOB .


Opponent Date League: Event Result
Tay roc Vs Hallow Da Don Sep 10, 2017 URL: Summer Madness 6 2-1 Debatable
Chess Apr 8, 2017 URL: NOME 7 2-1 W
Charron Jan 23, 2017 UDUBB: High Stakes 2 2-1 Debatable
Rum Nitty Nov 20, 2016 URL: NOME 6 1-2 L
Arsonal Oct 23, 2016 UDUBB: Every Bar Counts 2-1 W
NWX (DNA and KShine) w/ Tsu Surf March 26 2016 URL: 2 on 2 2-0 W BODY
C3 Feb 7, 2016 QOTR: Watch The Throne 2 3-0 W BODY
John John Da Don Dec 12,2015 URL: A Perfect Day To Die 2-1 Debatable
Calicoe Sep 26, 2015 URL: SM5 2-1 Debatable
Brizz Rawsteen Jul 25, 2015 URL: Redemption 2-1 W
Tsu Surf May 9, 2015 URL: NOME 5 1-2 L
DNA Sep 27, 2014 URL: SM4 3-0 W


Charlie Clips Jun 7,20124 URL: NOME IV 2-1 Debatable
JC Dec 14, 2013 URL:Born Legacy
Ill Will Sep 19, 2013 URL:SM3 2-1 W
B-Magic May 18, 2013 URL:SOB'S 1-2 L
Cortez Nov 17,2012 URL:Revelations 3-0 W
Rich Dollarz URL:Any Given Sunday 3-0 BODY
QP URL:Moter City Meyhem 2-1 W
O Red URL: NOME 2-1 W
Young Kannon Smack/url 2-1 W
P.G Skillet Pit Fight Battles 1-2 L
K-Shine Smack/url 2-1 W
Shotgun Suge Smack/url 2-1 W
Kaboom Lions Den 3-0 W
Charlie Clips Lions Den 3-0 L
Four5th Fokuz Lions Den 2-1 W

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