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Tsu Surf
Tsu's mugshot
Real Name Rajon Cox
Origin Newark, NJ
Rap Group Raw Bunch, Surf Club
Motto "Fuck, I need to put it in subtitles or somethin'?" "First thing I hear when I touch down is Surf the Midwest grooving, such-and-such nice, whats his name doing his numbers, and I don't see the Midwest losing. Well, I can think of a few VERBs, for the nigga's that think they ILL, I come thru the Midwest cruisin', X all FACTORs, HIT all MEN tryna HOLLA, cause the CALICOE's under this BIG T will cease that Midwest movement!!!"
Real Job Rapper

Tsu Surf (aka Tsunami Surf, aka Mister Basketball) is a Newark, New Jersey based rapper known for his strong lyrical aggression and wordplay. Tsu Surf is credited as a veteran of the Battle Rap arena and is known for many of his performances in SMACK/URL events. He revealed that the "surf" in his rap name is derived from his childhood skating hobby. Tsu Surf Newark  new album has made him a force in the rap game! Niggas watch Surf in a lot  

Criminal Record Edit

According to , Cox's criminal record consists of 7 robbery charges and 2 possession charges

Battles Edit

Opponent Date League/Event
Tay Roc May 9, 2015 SMACK/URL: N.O.M.E. 5
Hitman Holla Sep 28, 2014 SMACK/URL: Summer Madness 4
Calicoe Jan 26, 2014 UW: High Stakes
Charlie Clips Dec 14, 2013 SMACK/URL: Born Legacy
Hollow Da Don Jun 23, 2013 SMACK/URL: NOME 3


Dec 9, 2012 SMACK/URL
X Factor


K-Shine SMACK/URL: Summer Madness

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