High Stakes was a battle rap event held by UW battle league on January 26, 2014 that included the highly anticipated battle between Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux. The battle sold live tickets for $100 each and $30 for a pay-per-view stream on Ustream. The face off event was hosted by youtube vlogger Jay Blac while the event was hosted by  Jack Thriller.


This is the card listed in order they hit the stage

  • ABU vs Nice

Face Off IncidentEdit

During the pre-battle Face Off event, a Don vs Don altercation went down. According to witnesses, Don #1 (Hollow) approached  Don #2 (John John Da Don) out of nowhere and started swinging after Hollow stated "this league aint big enough for the two of us." At least that what Hollow was going to say but what actually came out was ".......Wassup?" John John claimed Hollow tried to sucker punch him while he was pulling his pants up (following standard hood fight procedure), but he did a Mayweather move and moved with the punch. According to Hollow's side of the story he claimed it aint a sucker punch since he was face to face with him. The fight turned into a grappling match after the swing and John John claimed he threw Hollow through some glass on some WWE shit. Hollow described the whole incident as being "super duper corny."


Several other battle rappers & people from the industry were asked their opinion on who won between Lux and Hollow.

Hollow Da Don Loaded Lux
Big-T Murda Mook
Math Hoffa Daylyt (On cam)
40 B.A.R.R.S.
People who smoke some form of a Hallucinogen
Who do you think won?

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