Xcel (right) after battle with P-Nut (left)
Real Name Jason Cameron
Origin Brockton, MA
Rap Group Team Homi
Leagues Trap House NY, (Previously URL)
Boston, Massachusetts born rap artist Xcel grew up in Brockton’s South Side from his early childhood. An ambitious youth, he took to the streets at the impressionable age of 12, positioning himself in the wing of the neighborhood’s most successful career hustlers. Soon after adopting his own street trade, Xcel turned to freestyling as a means of relief from the troubling observations and experiences of hood life. “As a fan of Hip Hop Music, rapping just came natural,” he says. But it wasn’t until he heard “It Was Written” by Nas that his passion for emceeing ignited.

Xcel launched his career as a solo artist but shortly after became one of four members of the group Yunified Mindz. The group became popularized during the early rise of Myspace and built a fanbase locally and online. Xcel however saw his path headed in a different direction. He started recording solo works again, when in 2013 a rapper friend, BAD SEED, put him on to battling with No Mercy of

Since this time, Xcel has lived up to his name. He’s been featured on MIMS mixape and released a mixtape his own, opened for DuckDown Entertainment and built a cult-like following on Facebook. Most recently, Xcel was selected by URL (Ultimate Rap League) and was featured in Season 3 of UFF (Ultimate Freestyle Friday, 2014) on BET. Xcel currently also reps Traphouse NY, Krackcity and the popular NY based Team Homi. He’s also just completed a self-entitled documentary to be aired Winter 2014.

While the battle arena is where Xcel is gaining his momentum, he’s still not lost touch with his roots. Xcel and producer Explizit One recently combined forces to release Xcel’s debut freshmen album, “The Difference” which is available on iTunes. Taking over a year to complete, Xcel remarks of the project, “Our goal was to show the difference between Mainstream Hip Hop and Pure Hip Hop.” Xcel describes his sound as life music. He continues, “My creative process is to express my real life situations and bare my soul though music.”

Xcel attributes his success to the inspiration of his family. His future goals are to secure comfort for those who depend on him, including his 3 children. When asked who motivated him, he says, “I’m self motivated but I get a lot of my affirmations from fighters, like Mohammed Ali. Battling is a lot like boxing…and I intend to be the greatest of all time.”