Yung Ill
Real Name Marlon Bell
Origin ST Louis, MO
Rap Group Fly Fam
Leagues URL
Motto "who is this n*gga.......?"

Marlon, better know by his stage name Yung "Icepack" Ill, is a battle rapper from St. Louis. He first started in "Word War" and quickly became its star. Yung Ill along with Aye Verb and Hitman Holla got their first break when Lionz Den's Founder Loaded Lux booked them for "St Louis vs New York". Although the event never went down, their names were there to remain in the battle rap conversation.  Because of Marlin's humble, calm and collective personality he became overshadowed by his Word War underdogs, the much more talkative Ave Verb and Hitman Holla, when Smack brought them over to "The Ultimate Rap League". Despite the many classics he had in the early years of The URL, he finally began to get some recognition after his instant classic one round battle with Harlem's T-Rex in the "Rap Battle America League".  Marlon's performance against T-Rex quickly put him high in the ranks of "The Best MC's in the World". After the battle with T-Rex,Yung Ill had another never-released classic battle with Brooklyn's Conceited.  Due to personal problems, Yung Ill's next battles against Cortez, JC and O-Red failed to reach the classic level many anticipated. He is still highly regarded as one of battle rap's best. On July 25, 2013 Yung Ill announced that he is refocused, and ready to get back on stage. He has since then ducked Shotty Horroh, and battled Fresco in KOTD's "Blackout 4" event.


Opponent Date League/Event
Hitman Holla Word War
Hollow Da Don Fight Klub
Tsu Surf URL
Jessie James

Undeniable TV



Rich Dollaz URL






V.I. Word War
O-Red King Juce
K-Shine Dec 14, 2013 URL: Born Legacy
Cortez & Math Hoffa (NYB) URL: Double Impact